Meet the nerds behind Exchange Server 2007


The Microsoft Exchange Server team has thrown together a 5 minute video so that you can see the team members talk about their roles and how much they love their jobs.  You can watch the video here. Want to go work with these guys?  Check out the Exchange Team career site.

Exchange Server 2007 replication problems can lead to backup issues


Exchange Server 2007 has some very useful replication features such as Local Continuous Replication (in RTM and SP1) and Standby Continuous Replication (in SP1 only).  These features can provide nice and simple disaster recovery options by replicating your storage group logs and databases to another location, be it another disk/LUN with LCR or another mailbox […]

EMS – Creating Email Address Policies for branch offices


In some companies different departments or branch offices require different primary SMTP addresses.  You can configure these for users with Email Address Policies.  In this example the company wants all users to have an address, but each branch office’s users have a primary email address representing that branch. First we must make sure each […]

Videos: Exchange Server 2007 CCR on Windows Server 2008

The Microsoft Exchange team has two new videos that take a brief look at setting up a Windows Server 2008 cluster and installing Exchange Server 2007 SP1 with Cluster Continuous Replication. Installing Windows 2008 Clustering using the UI wizard Installing Exchange 2007 SP1 CCR on Windows 2008 They are only about 8 minutes and 5 […]

Live Search still terrible

Searching for “Windows Deployment Services” this evening I was reminded that Microsoft is still awful at this internet search business.

Using Baretail to monitor Exchange Server 2007 setup


Exchange Server 2007 installation is a very complex process, but both the GUI and command line methods reveal little about what is actually going on during the installation process. The installation process writes all of the actions and outcomes to a log file at C:\ExchangeSetupLogs\ExchangeSetup.log.  This is helpful for troubleshooting errors during installation, but can […]

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