Backscatter Spam and Exchange Server 2007

Over at I’ve written an article on protecting both yourself and others from backscatter spam. Backscatter spam is also known as NDR spam and is the result of address spoofing combined with spam addressed to invalid recipients. As an Exchange administrator you want to be sure you aren’t contributing to the problem with your own email server. Read the article to find out how to avoid send NDR spam to others.

First Look at Exchange Server 2010 Installation


This blog post is based on the Exchange Server 2010 Beta code. The information shown here may change at the final release of Exchange Server 2010. In this post I take a quick look at the Exchange Server 2010 installation process.  Although the setup screens are very similar to Exchange Server 2007 there are a […]

How to Add Multiple DNS Servers to Windows Server 2008 Core

After installing Windows Server 2008 Core you may wish to configure a static IP address and DNS servers. Microsoft guides you through the process of configuring the IP address and primary DNS server using the Netsh command, but what about additional DNS server IP addresses?

Changing Screen Resolution on Windows Server 2008 Core


When you first login to a Windows Server 2008 Core installation you may find the desktop screen resolution is too small at 640×480 pixels. However the nature of the Core installation is that there is no graphical interface to modify the desktop resolution. Fortunately the changes can be made via the registry.

Forefront Security for Exchange Server 2010 Beta


Hot on the heels of last week’s beta release of Exchange Server 2010 comes the beta release of Forefront Security for Exchange, that now includes Exchange Server 2010 support. The new Forefront Security for Exchange integrates with the Forefront “Stirling” management console and ships with a PowerShell interface for improved manageability, and also includes new […]

Inside the Facebook data center


Click here to see the video.

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