Evaluating Anti-Spam Software


I used to do some work for a customer who’s idea of running an evaluation of a new system was to pick one product, put it in, then if it sort of worked good enough to just buy that one.  Over the long term some of these choices turned out to be less than ideal. […]

Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 Announced

Microsoft has announced that Service Pack 2 for Exchange Server 2007 will be released in Q3 of this year.  The MS Exchange Team has listed some of the key new features in their blog post here. A welcome addition is the new volume snapshot backup plugin for Windows Server 2008.  Currently Exchange Server 2007 cannot […]

No 32-bit Version of Exchange Server 2010?

The MS Exchange Team has written a blog post answering the question of whether or not a 32-bit version of Exchange 2010 will be released. Most people familiar with Exchange are aware that Exchange Server 2007 was the first version that required 64-bit hardware and operating system to run.  A 32-bit evaluation version was made […]

Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Update Rollup 8 Released

Microsoft has released Update Rollup 8 for Exchange Server 2007.  The rollup includes a mix of feature improvements and bug fixes which you can read about here. The 32-bit and 64-bit update files are available for download here.

New Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging Features

The Three UC Amigos talk about some of the new Unified Messaging features in Exchange Server 2010.  Read the full blog post here.  A few items that caught my attention were: New UM Administrator, UM Recipient Administrator, and UM Prompt Administrator roles so that UM management can be delegated properly. Personal auto-attendant. “Red lamp” or […]

Steve Riley Departs Microsoft


In a blog post today Steve Riley of the Trustworthy Computing Group announced his departure from Microsoft. Friends, as a part of Microsoft’s second round of restructuring, my position was eliminated yesterday and my employment with Microsoft has ended. While there were many rewards that came from my job, the most satisfying element was knowing […]

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