About this Site

My name is Paul Cunningham. I’m an Exchange Server MVP from Australia.

Paul CunninghamExchange Server Pro is my contribution to the Exchange Server community. From this site I share news, quick tips, useful tricks, PowerShell scripts, and in-depth tutorials for IT pros working with Microsoft Exchange Server.

Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the most important communication and collaboration systems for businesses around the world.

As an Exchange Server administrator you are among the most important in any IT organization and need a deep understanding of a range of topics including operating systems, network protocols, high availability, backups and disaster recovery, spam and virus prevention, security, and the end user experience.

My goal is to share my knowledge and experiences to help you perform a valuable role in your team, so that your customers and end users enjoy the best that Exchange Server has to offer them.

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If you’re looking for training on Exchange Server 2010 please check out the Exchange 2010 Boot Camp.

I hope you find this site useful, and if you have any other questions or comments please contact me here.

A Little More History…

I’ve been working in the IT industry since 1999, and I started blogging in 2006. As my career began to focus more on Microsoft Exchange Server I relaunched the site as Exchange Server Pro.

My work is in the Microsoft server space, primarily Exchange Server, but also Windows Server, Active Directory, ISA Server, and lots of related third party security and communications products.

I hold several Microsoft certifications including MCTS and MCITP for Exchange Server 2007 and 2010, and most recently passed the Exchange Server 2013 certification exams.

My LinkedIn profile is kept up to date if you’d like to know more.

In 2012 I was awarded for the first time as a Microsoft MVP, and travelled to Microsoft headquarters in February 2013 for my first MVP Summit.


Seeing the Microsoft campus, meeting other MVPs face to face for the first time, and being able to go behind closed doors with the Exchange product team were some of the best moments of my career.

I enjoy working with Microsoft Exchange Server, love the community that surrounds it, and hope to be doing this for more years ahead.

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