Announcing the Exchange Server 2013 PowerShell Guide

I’m pleased to announce a new book in the progress of being written under the working title of the Exchange Server 2013 PowerShell Guide.

As you may have heard by now Exchange Server 2013 delivers big changes by moving away from the management console we’re all used to, and giving administrators a web-based console called the Exchange Admin Center instead.

Although this change has been made for good reasons it also presents some challenges.

Aside from being a new interface to learn one of the significant changes is the removal of the PowerShell features that Exchange admins are used to seeing in the Exchange 2007 and 2010 management console. We no longer get to pick up PowerShell tips by performing tasks in the GUI and observing the PowerShell syntax that it displays to us.

In other words, learning PowerShell for Exchange just got harder for busy administrators with not a lot of free time or budget for training. And that is where the Exchange Server 2013 PowerShell Guide steps in.

For the administrator who is new to PowerShell, new to Exchange Server, or new to both, the Exchange Server 2013 PowerShell Guide will teach you a practical mix of PowerShell fundamentals and Exchange Server 2013 administrative skills.

This is a joint writing effort between myself and fellow Aussie IT pro Chris Brown, who is a PowerShell enthusiast and a big proponent of automating systems administration.

It is still early days and we’re focussing on delivering a high level of quality rather than rushing to get something released, but at this stage we’re expecting to have the guide finished by about May of this year.

There will be more details announced over the next few months, including some pre-release sneak peaks and details of how to get the early bird discount. If you’re not already an Exchange Server Pro subscriber sign up here to make sure you don’t miss out.

About Paul Cunningham

Paul is a Microsoft Exchange Server MVP and publisher of Exchange Server Pro. He also holds several Microsoft certifications including for Exchange Server 2007, 2010 and 2013. Connect with Paul on Twitter and Google+.


  1. Matthew Millers says:

    Looking forward to it, keep up the fantastic work!

  2. thx to paul, i get to keep my job as an exchange admin. :)

  3. Hey Paul,

    Any more info on the release date for this? Getting close?

    • I would love to be able to give a date but we’re not at that stage yet. But we’re working hard to get it done :)

      • No worries thanks Paul – really looking forward to it. I visit your site every few days to check out what has been going on. I recently started a new position (I was essentially a SBS consultant / technician for 5 years) with a university who have over 8000 exchange 2010 users so that has been a great experience so far.

        We are planning a migration to Exchange 2013. Do you have any recommendations on Ex2013 training / reference material yet?

        I noticed have gone to a subscription based service which I will be signing up for. I am also thinking of Tony Redmond’s & Paul Robichaux’s Exchange 2013 inside out books, along with Jonas Andersson’s and Mike Pfeiffer’s Exchange 2013 powershell cookbook: Second edition.

        • 8000 seats sounds like a great role to me. Congrats.

          It is still early days on Exchange 2013 materials. I haven’t seen either of those books yet (of course) but based on previous editions I think they will be good quality.

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