About Paul Cunningham

Paul is a Microsoft Exchange Server MVP and publisher of Exchange Server Pro. He also holds several Microsoft certifications including for Exchange Server 2007, 2010 and 2013. Find Paul on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, or get in touch for consulting/support engagements.

What Else Do You Want to Know About Migrating to Exchange Server 2013?


Want to help create a highly useful, free migration guide for Exchange 2013? Your input is appreciated.

Fix Available for Exchange Server 2013 Hybrid Connectivity Wizard Issue


A fix is available for the Exchange 2013 Hybrid Connectivity Wizard Subtask CheckPrereqs issue.

Exchange Server 2010 to 2013 Migration – Removing Legacy Servers


Removing legacy Exchange 2010 servers from an organization after migrating to Exchange Server 2013.

Exchange Server 2010 to 2013 Migration – Moving Public Folders


How to migrate legacy public folders from Exchange Server 2010 to modern public folders on Exchange Server 2013.

Exchange Server 2010 to 2013 Migration – Moving Mailboxes


Moving mailboxes to Exchange Server 2013 during an upgrade from Exchange Server 2010.

Moving Exchange Server 2013 Mailboxes


How to use move requests and migration batches to move Exchange Server 2013 on-premises mailboxes.

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