Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3 Update Rollup 3 Released

Microsoft has released Update Rollup 3 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3.

This update includes a number of fixes that are listed in KB2891587.

Deploying Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 3

The standard order of deployment for Exchange Server updates applies.

  1. Client Access servers, starting with the internet-facing ones. See this article forĀ how to patch a CAS array.
  2. Hub Transport and Edge Transport servers
  3. Mailbox servers. See this article forĀ how to patch a Database Availability Group.
  4. Unified Messaging servers


  1. Khalid says

    If I am ruing EX 2010 SP 2 AND I want to update to latest one SP 3 RU3
    should I go through all the SP2 RU’s then SP3 RU’s
    or I can go directly to SP 2 RU 6 then SP3

  2. Hector Fonseca says

    Hi Paul.
    Tahnks for the advise.
    in Exchange Server 2010 SP3, Can I install directly this Rollup without install the previous rollup 2 ?

  3. Harold says

    To apply Rollup 3 on SP3, will I need the SP3 files on the server? I read other users having issues with SP2 rollups.


  4. geezbill says

    Lots of folks reporting outlook client “Category” issues after applying this Rollup and persisting in Rollup 4.


  5. Siddu says

    Hi Paul,

    I have some concerns…can you clarify me.

    My set is running exchange 2010 sp3 ru2,
    CAS/Hub is running on one server(windows server 2008 R2)
    2 Mailbox servers are running two physical machines. They are part of DAG

    I just want to add a new cas role on existing mailbox using exchange 2010 sp3…then what is my roll up version on cas role on existing mailbox server.


  6. vineshwar deo says

    Hi Paul, i have exchange 2007 SP3 and have installed rollup 11, 12, 13 and now having issues with connecting outlook anywhere. i can see that rollup 6 is missing, just woundering is it possible to install rollup 6 without uninstalling rollup 11, 12, 13. i believe rollup 6 is the best rollup for exchange as it doesnt have any issues with outlook anywhere.

    Please help

    • says

      The URs are cumulative. You can’t install UR6 when you’ve already installed later URs.

      I don’t know of any known issues with Outlook Anywhere and any 2007 URs. I would suggest you troubleshoot the problem and if necessary contact Microsoft Support.

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