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    Outlook 2010 calendar invite error

    One of my users getting this error below when someone sends a calendar invite to her. She cannot accept this invitation. She also cannot make any changes on her recurring meetings. If she does, she will get the error message below. We do have other users who have more mailbox/calendar used space than her and not getting this error but her.

    Error: "The message store has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this message store, select some items that you no longer need, permanently delete them"

    User detail info:
    Outlook 2010, without cache mode > OST
    Calendar used space: 285MB
    User mailbox used space: 40GB
    This user is in litigation hold status
    Have verified this user mailbox database space: unlimited

    Steps has taken:
    Delete user Outlook profile and recreate a new one
    Ran mailbox repair corrupted items

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    do you get the same results if she tries to accept invite from OWA?

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    Yes, I do.

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    Is the mailbox's recoverable items quota also unlimited?
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    We found the problem and it was fixed. You were right on the money Paul.

    We found out that by default, the "RecoverableItemsQuota & RecoverableItemsWarningQuota" were set to 30GB & 20GB and the user deleted item were exceeded 30GB.

    We have extended the "RecoverableItemsQuota & RecoverableItemsWarningQuota" to 60GB & 50GB to fix the issue.

    Note: you have to restart the "Information Store" service in order for it to take affect.

    Here are the commands incase if anyone needed.

    Note:You can't use the EMC to configure deleted item retention and recoverable items quotas.
    Use the Shell to configure deleted item retention for a mailbox
    This example configures April Stewart's mailbox to retain deleted items for 30 days.
    Set-Mailbox -Identity - "April Stewart" -RetainDeletedItemsFor 30

    Use the Shell to configure Recoverable Items quotas for a mailbox
    This example configures a Recoverable Items warning quota of 12 GB and a Recoverable Items quota of 15 GB for April Stewart's mailbox.
    Set-Mailbox -Identity "April Stewar"t -RecoverableItemsWarningQuota 12GB -RecoverableItemsQuota 15GB -UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults $false

    Note:To configure a mailbox to use different Recoverable Items quotas than the mailbox database in which it resides, you must set the UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults parameter to $false.



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