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    Outlook 2010 clients unable to download OAB - Wrong OAB URL

    I am newly hired on to a small company that is having two issues.

    1. Clients can't download OAB files, because the host is misspelled in the OAB url. I found this out doing a "Test email autoconfiguration"

    Here is what the URL is in Autoconfig:
    So the correct name is supposed to be webmail not webmaill with two l's.
    I found out that I could ghetto rig and force the client to download by putting "webmaill" in the hosts file. NOT A SOLUTION

    2. The OAB file is outdated on the exchange server. The date says 10-31-12. Looking at the Default OAB properties in the EMC it says that the OAB has been updated with yesterday's date on it.

    Does anyone know how to straighten out one or both of these issue out?

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    1, You can change the OAB virtual directory's URL(s) with Set-OABVirtualDirectory. If you want to see the existing URLs first run Get-OABVirtualDirectory.

    Set-OABVirtualDirectory: Exchange 2010 Help

    2. Which "file" do you mean?
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