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    outlook clients can't connect to exchange server


    Domain has 2 zones: 1. 2.

    the ".com" zone is our external domain and ".net" is internal. I have setup a new exchange 2013 environment as migrating from domino/lotus server.

    we have a wildcard cert for external domain which is imported into new exchange and working fine i.e. "*"

    after running all post setup task for exchange server etc all is fine I've created a couple of test accounts and can send mail internally and send externally using OWA. (cant received internally yet because we a re still using domino until we migrate mailboxes in the next week or so).

    now I've setup a test outlook machine and it wont connect with error:

    "the action cannot be completed. the connection to the exchange server is unavailable. outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.

    from exchange powershell I ran "test-outlookwebservices......"

    here's the output:

    Error : System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust
    relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. --->

    Any ideas???

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    You may need to create the following in DNS: New host (A) record in your zone for and point it to your Exchange server. If that gets you past the error you may get certificate warnings. If you do, view the certificate and install it to the trusted root certificate authority.


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    I was getting certificate warnings after I put in the host records as suggested but it was still not connecting.

    I finally managed to figure this one out. As the wilcard cert is for ".com" I needed to change the exchange server URL's such as OWA / Active Sync etc from ".net" to ".com".

    All works perfect now with no cert errors etc..



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