Getting Started with Email Archiving in Exchange Server 2010


An introduction and overview of Exchange Server 2010 native email archiving features and how they can be used to manage and automate email archiving.

Exchange 2010 Mailbox Can’t Be Archive-Enabled Due to Managed Folder Mailbox Policy


You may encounter an error when enabling an Exchange Server mailbox for archiving that it can’t be enabled due to a Managed Folder Mailbox Policy.

Exchange Server Archiving: Review of GFI MailArchiver


GFI MailArchiver is an email archiving solution for Exchange Server environments that provides businesses a centralized archive of all their email data.

Outlook 2007 Update Adds Exchange Server 2010 Archiving Support


Microsoft has released an update for Office 2007 that adds support for Exchange Server 2010 Personal Archives. However there are still a few limitations to be aware of.

How to Move an Archive Mailbox in Exchange Server 2010

Choose the destination for moving the archive mailbox in Exchange Server 2010

This tutorial demonstrates how to move the Exchange Server 2010 archive mailbox for a single or multiple mailbox users to a different mailbox database.

How to Find all Exchange Server 2010 Mailboxes with Archive Enabled

Exchange Server 2010 filtered view for archive enabled mailbox users

How to use the Exchange Management Shell to identify which mailbox users have the personal archive enabled in Exchange Server 2010.

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