Get-DailyBackupAlerts.ps1 Script Updated to v1.06


The Get-DailyBackupAlerts.ps1 script has been updated with minor bug fixes and new features.

Get-DailyBackupAlerts.ps1 v1.04 is Available


The Get-DailyBackupAlerts.ps1 PowerShell script for monitoring Exchange Server backups has been updated with minor bug fixes and improvements.

How to Set Up an Automated Exchange 2010 Database Backup Alert Email


Learn how to use PowerShell to automatically monitor your Exchange Server 2010 database backups and send an alert email when recent backups have not been successful.

Exchange 2010 FAQ: Common Concerns When Installing the First Exchange 2010 Server


A run down of some of the common concerns people have when installing the first Exchange 2010 server into their production environment.

Avoid Running Out of Transaction Log Disk Space on Exchange Servers

Exchange Server 2010 Logo

Don’t take the risk that your Exchange Servers will run out of transaction log disk space. Use this script to monitor and alert on failed backups that can cause service outages later on.

PowerShell Script: Check Exchange 2010 Database Backups


A PowerShell script that can be used to monitor the backup time stamps on Exchange Server 2010 databases.

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