Test-ExchangeServerHealth.ps1 v1.09 is Now Available


Version 1.09 of Test-ExchangeServerHealth.ps1 is now available, fixing a bug in the use of Test-ReplicationHealth for mixed Exchange 2010/2013 organizations.

Exchange Server 2010 to 2013 Migration – Configuring Mailbox Servers


Configuring the Exchange 2013 Mailbox servers during a migration from Exchange Server 2010.

Error “Some or All Identity References Could Not Be Translated” When Adding Members to Exchange Server 2013 Database Availability Group


While adding Exchange Server 2013 DAG members an error “Some or All Identity References Could Not Be Translated” occurs.

Why Did My Database Failover to the Wrong Server?


Ever wondered why your Exchange Server databases didn’t failover in order of activation preference?

Cannot Activate Database Copy: Content Index Catalog Files in Failed State


When activating a database copy in an Exchange Server 2010 Database Availability Group it may fail with an error message that catalog index files are in a failed state.

Why Bother Running DAG Server Maintenance Mode Scripts?


Answering a reader question on whether the DAG server maintenance scripts are really necessary when performing maintenance or installing updates on database availability group members.

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