Restore an Exchange Server 2013 Database to a Recovery Database


How to restore an Exchange Server 2013 database into a recovery database using Windows Server Backup.

Restoring Exchange Server 2013 Databases Using Windows Server Backup


How to restore an Exchange Server 2013 Mailbox server from a Windows Server Backup backup.

Google Discontinues Message Continuity

Google has announced the end of their Google Message Continuity offering.

Exchange 2010: Are Passive Database Copies Included in Backups of DAG Members?


When an Exchange Server 2010 Mailbox server that is a member of a Database Availability Group is backed up, does the backup also include passive database copies?

Review: Exchange Server 2010 Backup and Recovery Training


A review of the Exchange Server 2010 Backup and Recovery training product from TrainSignal.

Exchange Server 2010: Using Database Portability for Disaster Recovery


How to use Exchange 2010 Database Portability in a disaster recovery scenario to mount a mailbox database on another Mailbox server.

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