Tracking Mailbox Owner Deletes Using Mailbox Audit Logging


How to use Exchange Server mailbox audit logging to track deletions of mailbox items by the mailbox owner.

PowerShell Script: Audit Mailbox Sent Items Configurations


A PowerShell script that audits the Exchange environment for mailbox sent items configurations that are not set to the default.

Configuring Mailbox Sent Items Behaviour for Delegates and Shared Mailboxes


Configuring Exchange Server mailbox sent items behaviour for send as and send on behalf of shared mailbox and delegate scenarios.

PowerShell Script: IIS Log File Cleanup and Archive


PowerShell script to automate the archive and removal of IIS log files on a server.

PowerShell Script to Generate Exchange Server SSL Certificate Report


A PowerShell script for Exchange Server that generates a HTML report of SSL certificates installed on servers.

PowerShell Script to Audit Exchange Server Database Storage Quotas


The StorageQuotas.ps1 PowerShell script can generate a report of the storage quotas configured on Exchange Server mailbox and public folder databases.

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