Don’t Leave POP/IMAP Protocol Logging Enabled


Why I recommend you don’t leave POP and IMAP protocol logging enabled on Exchange Servers.

Publishing Exchange 2010 POP3 with ISA Server 2006


This tutorial demonstrates how to configure ISA Server 2006 publish POP3 and the alternate client mail submission port to allow Exchange 2010 mailbox access by remote email clients.

How to Configure Windows Live Mail for Exchange 2010 POP3


How to configure the Exchange Server 2010 POP3 client settings in Windows Live Mail, a free email client from Microsoft.

How to Publish POP3 Client Settings to Users with Exchange 2010 SP1


How to publish Exchange 2010 POP3 and SMTP server settings so that end users know how to configure their email client.

How to Enable or Disable POP3 Access for Exchange 2010 Mailboxes


This Exchange Server 2010 tutorial demonstrates how to enable or disable POP3 access for individual mailbox users, and how to manage POP3 settings for multiple mailboxes at once.

Exchange Server 2010 POP3: Securing POP3 Client Remote Access

Network capture of SSL-secured POP3 traffic

This tutorial will show you how to configure the Exchange 2010 POP3 service to allow remote email users to connect securely without exposing their user credentials to attackers.

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