Exchange Server 2010 RTM Support Ending

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If you’re still running Exchange Server 2010 RTM then you might want to speed up your plans to upgrade to SP1.

Exchange 2010 FAQ: Which Order Should I Install Service Packs and Update Rollups?


I’m often asked whether you need to install Exchange Server 2010 RTM first, and then install Service Pack 1, or if there is a way to install SP1 in a single operation.

How to Rebalance Mailbox Databases in a DAG with Exchange Server 2010 SP1


After an outage or maintenance to the Mailbox servers in a Database Availability Group you may find that the mailbox databases are no longer balanced across all of the DAG members.

Microsoft Announces Office 365 and New Exchange Online Platform


Microsoft today announced the new Office 365 cloud service, which is the next evolution of the current BPOS service. Powering the Exchange side of Office 365 will be Exchange Server 2010 SP1, and the features available to Office 365 customers are a laundry list of instant wins for many businesses.

Exchange Server 2010 SP1 and Blackberry Calendars Not Synchronizing


Exchange Server 2010 SP1 client throttling policies can cause calendar synchronization problems for Blackberry users.

Exchange 2010 Error: Registry key has subkeys and recursive removes are not supported by this method.


When an Exchange Server 2010 Database Availability Group has been upgraded to Exchange 2010 SP1 you may encounter an error when adding or removing database copies on a DAG member.

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