PowerShell Script to Generate Exchange Server SSL Certificate Report


A PowerShell script for Exchange Server that generates a HTML report of SSL certificates installed on servers.

Avoiding Server Names in SSL Certificates for Exchange Server 2013


How to configure Exchange Server 2013 services to use namespaces that avoid the need to include the server host names in the SSL certificate.

Checkboxes Greyed Out When Managing Services for an Exchange 2013 SSL Certificate


When you are managing services for an Exchange Server 2013 SSL certificate via the Exchange Admin Center you may notice that the checkboxes for enabled services are greyed out and can’t be unticked.

Exchange Server 2013 SSL Certificates Have Organization and Department Names Mixed Up


An SSL certificate generated by the Exchange Server 2013 CSR wizard may display the organization and department names incorrectly.

The WinRM Shell Client Cannot Process the Request


The Exchange Management Shell may fail to connect to an Exchange server and display a WinRM shell error.

Outlook 2013 SSL Trust Errors When Connecting to Exchange Server

SSL trust error in Outlook 2013

When connecting to an Exchange server using Outlook 2013 you may encounter an SSL trust error. The security certificate was issued by a company you have not chosen to trust. View the certificate to determine whether you want to trust the certifying authority. If you choose Yes to proceed you may also encounter this additional […]

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