What is missing from Exchange Server 2007 Anti-Spam

I’ve been searching all over the Microsoft website for a KB article, Technet article, or any other page that will list the current version of the various Exchange Server 2007 anti-spam signature releases.

I realise that in any given day these can update dozens of times, but it is still a bit frustrating not having a page to refer to (or to scrape with a script) and compare with the current versions on the server when investigating reports of spam reaching mailboxes.

I’ve written to a few Microsoft staff and non-Microsoft experts in the Exchange field and haven’t found an answer to this yet. If anyone happens to know more about it please drop me a line or leave a comment here.

Update 05/12/07 – a solution has come my way via email, details to come.

Update 10/12/07 – click here.

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